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Rival Stars: Horse Racing Mod APK v1.38 (Menu)

Rival Stars: Horse Racing Mod APK v1.38 (Menu)
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Rival Stars: Horse Racing Mod APK v1.38 (Menu)

Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod APK Game is a horse-racing game. Manage your stables, train your racehorses, and race for victory on race tracks all around the world

If you like equestrian sports, you will love Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod APK . It is a game based on the world of horses where you will have to look after and train your horse to take part in equestrian events around the world, stopping off at the very top race tracks.You can become the best rider of all time as well as a breeder, trainer, race director, jockey… Choose your style of play and start your equestrian career. You will never get bored of training, riding, competing, and breeding the most beautiful animals in the world.

Game Features : 

  • Breed, train, and sell horses in your own stable.
  • Get unique horses with their own features.
  • Upgrade the speed, sprinting, and stamina of the horses.
  • Explore endless woodlands and fields in Quick Ride mode.
  • Get your ranch to grow by managing all its resources.
  • Reach the highest positions on the leaderboard.
  • Hire staff such as a caretaker or trainer to help you.
  • Enjoy attractive graphics with racing cutscenes.
  • Take part in races with commentary.
  • Thoroughly customize your character.


- Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

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