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PK XD v1.4.1 (Latest Update)

PK XD v1.4.1 (Latest Update)
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PK XD v1.4.1 (Latest Update)

PK XD is an open-world social game in which you can create an avatar, decorate a home, interact with other players, and visit their houses.

Start a new game with PK XD and the first thing you’ll do is create your custom character. This game has a colorful, almost otherworldly aesthetic, and has loads of character creation options. Once you create a character, you can start decorating your house, which has three rooms and a hallway. Many of the basic items for your house are free, so you can create a great home without spending much of the in-game currency. That being said, as you play you can earn money and buy furniture, clothes, accessories and other unique items to create a complete custom character and home, which you can edit at any point during the game.

But there’s more than just your home in PK XD, there’s an entire online world to explore. Visit other player’s homes, chat with them, stroll around the city, buy food, go to parties, and much, much more. Much like games such as Hotel Habbo, most of PK XD’s gameplay revolves around customization and interaction with other players.

PK XD is a fun social game, with charming graphics and almost infinite possibilities. Check it out, create your character, and start exploring!


The scariest and funniest season is back on PK XD! A New Pass, a new Cauldron House Shop, brooms, and costumes for you to enjoy Halloween!
Turn into a Ghost with the New Scary Armor included in the Season Pass, and unlock items faster with the fast pass.
Decorate your house, play tricks, deliver presents, throw eggs, and enjoy the Spooky Season with the scariest and most fun items on PK XD.

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