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Modern Ops Online FPS Mod APK v7.99 (Dumb Enemies)

Modern Ops Online FPS Mod APK v7.99 (Dumb Enemies)
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Modern Ops Online FPS Mod APK v7.99 (Dumb Enemies)

Download Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games MOD APK

Modern Ops Mod APK Game is a multiplayer FPS that’s clearly inspired by Counter-Strike in which two teams (terrorists and anti-terrorists) face each other inside medium-size settings. Your objective in each setting is always the same: get a higher score than the enemy and get rid of as many rivals as you can.

Controls in Modern Ops are really well adapted to touchscreens: the virtual movement stick is located on the left side of the screen and the sight is located to the right. You’ll also find the buttons you can use to change your weapon, reload, duck or jump on the right side of the screen. Keep in mind that your character will shoot automatically whenever there’s an enemy within range.

The main game mode in Modern Ops is very similar to the traditional Counter-Strike, where two teams have to face each other in order to get more points than their rivals. But, just like in the traditional deathmatch games, you don’t have to wait that long when your character is killed. Instead, you’ll respawn almost instantly.

Modern Ops Mod APK is a really entertaining online shooter that offers great visuals and a ton of different weapons. You can also buy all kinds of upgrades and accessories for your unlocked weapons.


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