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Live or die: Survival Mod APK v0.3.471 (Free Craft)

Live or die: Survival Mod APK v0.3.471 (Free Craft)
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Live or die: Survival Mod APK v0.3.471 (Free Craft)

Live or Die: Survival Mod APK Game is a third person MMORPG set in a post-apocalyptic world where few humans have managed to survive. And although in the beginning survival will be your only goal, you’ll soon be able to set your sights on higher goals, such as building a house or even dominating the wilderness.

Game Features : 

  • more than hundred items, armor and weapons
  • open world to explore
  • exploration of bunkers
  • building a house
  • raids on other survivors
  • HD – graphics.Although Live or Die: Survival is an online game, and you can interact with (or fight) other players, you’ll normally see many more zombies than people. There’s many a few types of zombies in the game, and you’ll have to face hordes of them with each new zone you enter.Collecting resources and crafting items is one of the most important aspects in Live or Die: Survival. Search the environment to collect wood, rocks, vines, minerals, seeds, etc. With these resources you can create everything from a house and furniture to a bonfire. You can also find more modern items, such as USB flash drives, jackets, helmets, and firearms.Live or Die: Survival Mod APK is a great MMORPG with hundreds of maps and items, a fun and comprehensive crafting system, and spectacular graphics. Overall, it’s an outstanding title, reminiscent of the legendary Last Days on Earth and similar games.


Major update:
1. Changing the balance of the game;
2. Changing the locations of the game;
3. Improved graphics;
4. Craft Changed;
5. workbenches Changed;
6. Added combat drone;
7. Optimization.

Live or Die: Zombie Survival MOD APK Info:

Free Craft

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