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Lhotse KWGT APK v3.0 [Paid]

Lhotse KWGT APK v3.0 [Paid]
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Lhotse KWGT APK v3.0 [Paid]

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Widgets are so simple yet eyecatching you just want them on your homescreen. Lhotse KWGT APK

Just like one of the highest mountain peaks in the world – Lhotse in the central Himalayas – this app not only takes its name from this wonderful natural monument

Lhotse’s design focuses on usability and minimalism while providing widgets that are true eye candy. Fusion of depth in the design with clean layouts provide you the best possible experience on a daily basis

Try Lhotse now and bring your homescreen to an absolute peak of beauty!

Lhotse KWGT is not a standalone app. You need KWGT Pro in order to use it and make any changes to the widgets. All presets are locked in order to protect them from being copied easily


Update 3.0 is here!
- 3 new widgets
- 83 clean designs in total

Enjoy! 🤍

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