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Kingdom Wars Mod APK v2.1.3 (Unlimited Money)

Kingdom Wars Mod APK v2.1.3 (Unlimited Money)
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Kingdom Wars Mod APK v2.1.3 (Unlimited Money)

Kingdom Wars Mod APK Game is a fun, turn-based strategy game in which you fight hordes of evil enemies and try to keep them from attacking your castle.

Game Features :

  • – Over 400 different stages
  • Over 200 unique allies and enemy units
  • Over 100 allies units have their unique Limit-break looks
  • Collect treasures in each stage and trigger various skillful effects
  • Play strategically with 6 kinds of Booster Items

The gameplay of kingdom wars focuses on leveling up and getting upgrades, so the action itself is very simple (sometimes you literally don’t have to do anything). Each level begins with two opposing castles: yours, and your enemy’s. Each castle can generate soldiers, but they take some time before they’re ready for battle. The idea is to keep an eye on the next soldier, and hit the button to send him out to the battlefield as soon as he’s ready. Meanwhile, you can loot the territory (by tapping on the corresponding button when it’s available) and wait to launch special attacks (also by tapping on the button, when it’s fully loaded and ready to use)

You’ll earn treasure as you advance through the levels. The treasure could be new types of solders, new special weapons, and of course, upgrades that automate the buttons or speed up the action.

Kingdom Wars Mod APK is an entertaining fighting game, with a pixelated aesthetic and fun, uncomplicated gameplay.


- Added new in-app products such as guarantee of super legends
- Added character 'Baek Ho'
- Bug fixes

Kingdom Wars - Tower Defense MOD APK Info:


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