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Elements KWGT APK v6.7 [Paid]

Elements KWGT APK v6.7 [Paid]
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Elements KWGT APK v6.7 [Paid]

Download Elements KWGT MOD APK

Elements KWGT is an app with widgets that are made with true passion and attention to detail


a lot of widgets and more in the future

This is not a standalone app. You need KWGT Pro in order to use this app

How to use

  • Install Kustom KWGT Pro
  • open the app and select ‘Load Preset’ from the sidebar menu
  • choose the widget you like and click save
  • if the size doesn’t fit your screen change the ‘scale’ setting in the main widget menu
  • enjoy the new look of your homescreen


Update 6.7 is here! What's changed?
- 2 completely new widgets
- 182 widgets total

Enjoy! šŸ¤

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