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Battle Forces Mod APK online game v0.12.3 (godmode)

Battle Forces Mod APK online game v0.12.3 (godmode)
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Battle Forces Mod APK online game v0.12.3 (godmode)

Download Battle Forces - gun games MOD APK

Battle Forces Mod APK Game is a first-person multiplayer shooter in which two teams of up to five players face off in five-minute battles. The team that manages to get rid of the most enemies within the time limit wins the round and earns the most experience.

The default control system of Battle Forces is super user-friendly: use your left thumb to control your character’s movement and your right thumb to aim. Also, on the right side of the screen, there are buttons to change weapons, use the sight, reload, or throw grenades. In any case, you can customize the controls to your preferences using the options menu.

The standard Battle Forces game mode is the classic ‘team deathmatch’, where two teams of five players face each other in relatively large arenas for five minutes. When you manage to take down an enemy, you can also steal their weapon. So, you can actually benefit if your opponent has a better weapon than yours.

Battle Forces Mod APK is an entertaining multiplayer FPS with a good graphics section and more than half a dozen different characters to unlock. Each of the game’s characters also has a unique skill that can be used at different times during the game.


- New case system!
Complete tasks and get rewards!
- Bugs fixes and general performance improvements

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